Matthew Black

About Me

A Student, a Designer, a Programmer, and someone who just enjoys having fun and being with others.

My name is Matthew Black and I'm a 2nd year university student studying Information Technology with a minor in Applied Communications and a little Japanese thrown in as well. I enjoy graphic design, programming, watching anime, photography and gaming (like any NORMAL person :P )

This Website is a place for me to experiment and share what I've done, as well as throw an awesome pun out into the world. My aim with any of my work is to ensure the lack of 'matte' when people think of matte paint, it has no shine or anything special about it, in most cases.... it's bland and boring. If I do any sort of work for anyone, I try to make sure it is memorable and effective. I hope that as I progress through my university course my work will improve, and as I venture out and emerse myself in the Industry... well..... I just hope I keep producing quality products.

Always Improving

I am always looking at new techniques and methods of developing websites. Most of my experimenting is done on this website, if something is looking a bit off, or the site is just not looking like it should. Give it some time, or send me an e-mail and I'll check it out.